The Architectural Design by Architura of the U.S. Post Office in Carmel, Indiana


When the post office in Carmel needed a new post office design, we at Architura were happy to do it. The existing structure needed minor work, and an entire architectural master planning process was needed to incorporate a new building, as well as a more efficient parking structure for the public, as well as for the staff.


The creation of the new building was a large one that included 25,000 square feet. This new building would house a new customer service center, which would be open 24 hours. In addition, this new structure would also be used to include a retail store, as well as additional workrooms. It was to this area that a new door was also added to help better the flow of traffic and ease congestion in certain areas within the building’s structure. The distribution areas, which were mainly in the original building, also needed some minor repair and updating work as well.

At Architura we were happy to provide all of the architectural services for this government building design. The USPS was so confident in Architura’s capabilities that we were also asked to help them throughout the entire construction phase.