Architura worked with GSA’s team to design and complete a multi-million dollar restoration. . . . Architura’s dedication to detail, professionalism and sensitive design and craftsmanship resulted in a spectacular restoration. GSA is proud of and grateful for the work executed by Architura on this National Register listed property.
Regina Nally, Historic Preservation Officer U.S. General Services Administration - Great Lakes Region Design and Construction Division, AEP Public Buildings Service
[Architura's] quality response to the variety of architectural and engineering projects for the GSA has been consistently delivered in a timely fashion. . . . I wish to thank you again for [Architura's] efforts and I look forward to doing business with Architura Corporation in the future.
Jeffrey Pavur, Supervisory Architect, 5PSST GSA Property Management Division
I have worked directly with the design team at Architura. They were extremely knowledgeable of the industry standards, and steered us toward the selection of a very complementary office design package. I can recommend Architura for future design and management of construction projects because I am confident that Architura will provide quality services regardless of the scope of project requirements.
Barbara R. George, Chief, Support Services Division Department of Veterans Affairs
Architura has worked well to provide needed architectural services for the Commissioners, Council members, and our Courts to answer questions, make needed changes, prepare the plans, and respond to the needs of Posey County government staff to date. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship through the bidding and construction phases of our project.
Scott Moye, President Posey County Commissioners
The Architura Corporation has provided architectural, engineering and construction management services on numerous renovation and new construction projects over the past several years as a consultant to the General Services Administration, Region Five. . . . I have had an opportunity to personally observe the outstanding services we receive from the Architura Corporation. . . . I appreciate the quality of architectural design and project management service provided by the Architura Corporation. I know that Architura has made notable contributions to the success of our GSA projects.
Jeffrey D. Bricker, Supervisory PM General Services Administration