Birch Bayh Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse Renovation

051-011 - Birch Bayh Fed Building 11-3x4

We couldn’t have been more honored when world-renowned Einhorn Yafee Prescott Architects chose Architura Corporation to help them with the Birch Bayh Federal Building Renovation Project. The project was a massive one, with a total $75 million budget for a building totaling 475,000 square feet; and this government building design included “everything but structure and stone.”

The Birch Bay Federal Building required complete renovating and updating on their electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems to bring them up to code and meet today’s requirements. Once all of these systems were completely removed and replaced with entirely new equipment, a sprinkler system was also installed throughout; the first time such a thing was done for this national landmark. These new designs are all now installed and are nearing their completion dates.

Now that the renovations are almost complete on the Birch Bayh Federal Building, Architura will now move into the role of architectural management and inspection services. Fulfilling this role, we will be creating different development teams made up of various engineering consultants. Also in this role we will be providing different inspection and documentation services.

We’re so excited to be part of the Birch Bayh Federal Building & U.S. Court House project; and it’s that passion and commitment that we bring to each and every project that we take on.