Master Planning

Architura Corporation has worked with a variety of private corporations and public government entities to provide in-depth master planning strategies for future renovation/addition to existing campuses as well as ground-up design for new campuses. The following provide examples of past master planning work.


Springfield, IL

Westfield, IN

I:Proposals2010.1117 - Morgan County EOC CenterReferenceGibs

Princeton, IN

393-031 - Roche Diagnostics Aerial Photo 001-4.5x5 Square

Indianapolis, IN

3 - Damar Campus Master Plan -Square

Indianapolis, IN

450-010 - Towne House Retirement Aerial Site-4.5x3.375 Square

Fort Wayne, IN

084-004 - Crescent Condominiums Scheme 1 site plan-10x8 Square

Indianapolis, IN


Plainfield, IN