Rensselaer Library

When the Rensselaer Library needed a new building designed, it required spaces for both the public use for traditional library purposes, as well as administrative areas, community rooms, meeting centers, and book conservation areas. While the project was a fairly simple one, when Architura Corporation was hired for the job, we updated all areas and re-energized the entire feel of the new building, and the area around it.


For both the exterior and the interior of the building, Architura took into careful consideration the surrounding neighborhood, including the residential homes in the area. We constructed and designed the building to the same quality level and aesthetic image observed in the surrounding areas. The area of Rensselaer, Indiana, is a beautiful one and we wanted to take full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings in the construction and renovation of the library. In order to do that, we included high windows, skylights, and spacious areas that allow maximum natural light and truly bring the outdoors into the newly styled library.