Architectural Master Planning

Architectural master planning is a critical first step in the design process. Good master planning requires extensive experience by your lead architect. When designing a job it is important to take the whole picture into consideration. An architect would be remiss in his/her job if he did not take into consideration, the surrounding buildings, infrastructure and neighborhoods. The master plan should include present and future goals and the probability of long term changes. Creating a master plan is an economical investment that ensures both accurate and functional decisions are made in each stage of the project development.


Planning is required for almost any great job, and according to studies in all professions, the most admired and respected experts in the field spend more time planning than anything else. To be a master planner requires the utmost expertise in the field of architecture, as well as a coordinated effort by a team of engineers ready to respond to the call at any time. This takes a great amount of cooperation and organization, and results in a team with great communication skills.

At Architura Corporation, we specialize in architectural master planning for commercial buildings, government buildings, automotive related buildings, post offices, historic buildings, green building designs, and modern building designs. Architectural master planning is the apex of our organization, as it allows us to manage our projects with expert precision. Our principals understand that sometimes moving to a new building may not be feasible for you at this time. If you have the need for space changes to give your business a fresh new look and enhance the work flow we will become your advocate to design a custom project to upgrade your existing facility.