Building Construction Administration and Structural Building Design at Villas in Columbus

Visit the Villas in Columbus today, located in Columbus, Indiana, and you’ll see a beautiful retirement community that’s built in a stylish and modern design. And you’d probably never guess that before Architura Corporation was hired for the building construction administration, that this site was once home to low-income housing apartments that were in bad need of repair, or demolition.


Demolition was required and a complete overhaul of the structural building design was needed to accommodate the 16 new and renovated apartment units that the structure now holds. When we began designing the plan for the Villas in Columbus, we had to ensure that they met standards set by the HUD and the FHA, so that we could obtain approval for construction. City officials from the City of Columbus were also heavily involved in the process, as approval here was required along the way as well.

In addition to the structure, landscape building design was also required to provide a beautiful space around the exterior of the building, as well as the interior. City codes and compliance also had to be met in order to ensure that the project was completed successfully, smoothly, and came in on time.