Pavement Master Planning (PMP)


Building owners expend a great deal of time, effort and money to ensure their facilities make a favorable impression. This typically centers on creating a functional & attractive architectural building design & appealing landscaping. However, there is another component Indiana architecture and architectural master planning, often overlooked element significantly contributing to a facility’s impression on visitors – The Pavement.

Most people don’t notice the pavement at all until they hit a pothole, drive through poor drainage, or spend lengthy periods maneuvering around and waiting in disorganized parking lots & service areas. At that point, poor pavement planning is impossible to ignore. For these reasons, pavement master planning (PMP) is essential for for architects, facility managers & building owners. PMP will be reviewed by Architura Corporation in the beginning stages of your design concept. When performing PMP it is common to request a consultation with a civil engineer with specific expertise in pavement planning and analysis to provide an opportunity to alleviate or avoid problems down the line. PMP ranges from analyzing a site to providing guidelines, performing analysis of aesthetic issues, durability, cost, safety, operations & maintenance.

The importance of pavement aesthetics varies from project to project, but it always contributes to the overall impression of the facility. A clean, well-planned, easily maintained pavement adds significantly to the aesthetic appeal of any facility and will help owners evaluate, anticipate, and categorize failures. Like roofing, when pavement goes bad, it is extremely inconvenient and expensive to repair. But PMP gives building owners & facility managers a comprehensive view of up-front pavement costs, as well as a budget and sequencing for scheduled maintenance.