Morgan County Library, a Sensitive Historic Building Renovation

When Architura Corporation was commissioned to design a historically accurate addition to the Morgan County Library, it was a very sensitive project and one of our principal architects, Chuck Kotterman, stepped in to lead the project and oversee the design team. This project included not only the historic building renovation that needed to be added, but also several updates and improvements that all had to be completed with historic building preservation kept as the top priority.

The existing structure needed extensive work including restoration to the original Carnegie Building and Rotunda; environmental and electrical systems needed to be updated and restored; and handicap accessibility also needed to be incorporated. All of this had to be done to meet today’s strict codes and building requirements, while still maintaining the historical structure that was designed in the Greek Revival style.

285-001 - Morgan County Library 1-7.5x6 2

Regarding the addition, the materials and architectural elements of the Greek Revival design style had to be closely studied so that the new addition, which would accommodate new office space, would also mimic this historical style, structure, and look. Even with the concessions that had to be made, the style the work had to be completed in, and the different upgrades to existing structural systems, Architura was still able to complete this project and do it within the specified budget requirements outlined by the owner.