Building Construction Administration Services and Management Inspection Services

This week I have received several calls and emails from big, well known engineering companies asking to meet so that we could develop a working relationship. After rethinking conversations and revisiting emails, I began thinking how Architura Corporation’s quality work and experience is getting noticed by firms much larger than we are and how they have been approaching us to partner with them.

Architura’s experienced principals Michael Conly and Chuck Kotterman, along with a finely tuned staff of architectural and interior design professionals as well as other supporting staff members, make it their business to work closely with our clients. Our clients know they can rely on Architura to become their advocate and depend on us to watch over the work that is being done, as well as maintain good communication to enable the project team to stay focused on the design (and the deadline). Our clients recognize that we take that extra step and go that extra mile for them, so they ask Architura to continue as team leader throughout the different phases of the project and perform building construction administration services to project completion.