Architura’s Principals Know that a Good Building Designer Brings Dreams to Life

Architura Corporation has combined architectural commercial design with dedicated listening to client’s needs to a whole new level. Working with clients is more than just designing a building. It means capturing the client’s vision in a way that expresses their unique company personality first on paper and then in reality.

161-010-Gator-Ford-10-medTake Gator Ford in Tampa, Florida. Architura worked with the owner to create a warm, inviting environment that would make Gator Ford’s customers feel right at home. And this facility is not a small cozy space, but a 140,000 square foot car and truck dealership. While the outside works well with the surrounding environment utilizing landscape building design techniques to complement the structure, it is the inside that really makes an impression.

The owner of Gator Ford wanted to design and develop an indoor downtown area with cobble stone streets, umbrella tables and gas lights to complete the effect of being outdoors on historic style city streets rather than shopping for a vehicle. This creative design takes away the usual anxiety that customers typically feel in the standard, cookie cutter car dealership with harsh lighting and blank, white walls replacing it instead with enchanting warmth that makes shopping for a truck almost like being on vacation.

Working with a good building design company means working with qualified, trained personnel that can bring functional buildings to life with truly extraordinary designs. Rather than have just four walls and a roof, Architura works with Gator Ford to actively listen and bring the owner’s vision into fruition.