Damar Services Campus

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Indianapolis, Indiana

DAMAR Services is a private, not-for-profit provider of human services for children with developmental disabilities. Its mission is to service children in the Indianapolis regional area in homes, group homes and its central campus located at 6234 Kentucky Ave Camby, Indiana 46113. DAMAR’s main campus has grown over the past 40 years from a handful of staff and residents to its current configuration of 12 buildings with treatment services for mentally handicapped children and children with severe autism and other similar developmental disorders. The campus is comprised by a series of classrooms of cottage style buildings nestled in a wooded setting on about 40 acres of land. The architectural firm has had the opportunity to guide the planning and design of the central campus and to provide an architectural solution that embraces DAMAR’s mission and serves as both a functional and inspirational model for this successful and nurturing environment.

Today, DAMAR Services is a provider of choice throughout Indiana. Its leadership and dedicated staff contributed to the vision of the campus design by working with the architectural design team to plan an environment that inspires staff and residents alike to “value dreams and encourage success”. The campus design is an organized plan allowing only pedestrian activity within the campus by moving vehicular services entirely to the perimeter “ring road”. The building design vocabulary was incorporated from elements of the original early 1900’s structures on this property once owned by the Duisenberg family. Residential, treatment and support buildings all maintain a scale that is comfortable to children, while at the same time incorporating functional requirements for good staff supervision and treatment.

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