Architura is growing

We would like to welcome a few new employees to our team.

  • Joe Lese: Joe has worked for Architura Corporation off and on throughout his career as an architectural designer and a contract employee. We are proud to have Joe come on board as a permanent employee. He is currently working with Michael Conly on an exciting project for a new client. We know that Joe and this client are a good fit and are looking forward to seeing the end product that will start construction in the spring of 2014.
  • Keith Bonham: Keith is a registered architect. He has come on board as a contract employee. Keith is working with Chuck Kotterman to design a new location for a long standing client that has multiple locations of facilities for the purpose of refurbishing automobiles. We welcome Keith to the Architura family.
  • Giovanna Lang: Giovanna is currently working with Architura as an intern. She is assisting Mike Conly and Joe Lese to complete the architectural design for the project we spoke of earlier. Giovanna is skilled in complex architectural design systems, such as Revit. She is due to graduate in May of 2014 and at that time we hope to bring her on board as a full time employee.

Thank you for keeping up with our news.