Old Stoney

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Frankfort, Indiana

The Architura Corporation Architectural firm along with their engineering consultants was hired by the City of Frankfort, IN in April 2014 to conduct an in-depth evaluation of Old Stoney. Architura also completed a Historic Preservation Plan for this 122-year old awesome  historic Frankfort, IN  landmark building. Architura identified  specific repairs needed to stabilize and preserve the building for continued use by the City of Frankfort and The Frankfort History Museum.

The report and plan recapped the history of Old Stoney and described the process and results of a detailed architectural and engineering evaluation. This report described specific needed repairs, costs and prioritization for repairs. Included were the following recommended improvements:

  • Replace the entire clay roof, flashing, trim, downspouts and gutters.
  • Rebuild the roof deck to stabilize the building roof structure.
  • Repair and replace deteriorated windows and entrances.
  • Repair foundation and basement leaks and badly damaged exterior stone.
  • Upgrade all mechanical and electrical building systems.
  • Reconstruct site paving, retaining wall, landscape and fountain.
  • Improve interior finishes in public spaces and the museum.
  • Improve ADA accessibility.

The Architura Corporation along with their consultants worked closely with the Mayor, the Board of Works and the Frankfort City Council to complete the planning study and present a $4,900,000 budget that was approved for the project to be completed in time for the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration.

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