Delta Faucet Headquarters

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Carmel, Indiana

A worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of faucets and related accessories, Delta Faucet Company sells products in more than 53 countries. This is the worldwide headquarters for administrative sales, marketing, product design, research, testing and invention of new product design. Sales, customer service and training are conducted at this location. Design of site and landscape planning was completed by Michael Conly and landscape consultants to comply with Carmel corridor plans on US 31. Required water retention areas were converted to dramatic ponds with a fountain.

The following is a list of the work we’ve done with Delta over the past 35 years:

  • 1980 – 2000: The original 175,000sf building design was designed by Michael Conly. In 1980; Delta requested Mr. Conly’s assistance with other assorted projects during this time period.
  • 2001 – 2005: Leak Analysis and Entryway Redesign, Product Design Center, North Toilet Room Renovation, Logistics Expansion, South Office Building Renovation Including Work Area Layouts, Emergency Management System, IS Department, Computer Exercise Remodel, JDE Department, Main Lobby Remodel, East & West Structural Upgrade, 2nd Floor South Renovation, IT Department, New Building Addition, Site Development, Displays, Garden Level Space Planning, Expanded, Renovated Original Lunchroom, Facilities Planning, FRC Replacement and Executive Wind Renovation, and R & D Department Renovation
  • 2006 – 2010: Facilities Planning, Verify & Upgrade Existing Drawings, Building Planning & Support Services, Presidential Wing Kitchen, FRC Panel Replacement, Existing Plan Changes, and Materials Testing and Abatement.
  • 2012: Customer Service Area Re-design
  • 2013: Additional Planning for Customer Service Center, Headquarters Expansion Pre-Design Planning, Area 6 Purchasing, Tech Lab Renovation Design Services
  • 2014: Interior Renovations Design & Construction Admin., Tech Lab C/A.
  • 2014 – 2015: Headquarters Expansion


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