Adesa Auto Auctions Dallas

Dallas, Texas

LEED project, Adesa Dallas as well as the original prototype and other like Adesa projects designed by Architura is a campus of 200,000 square feet of buildings and surrounding parking areas. This business serves the need to recycle used cars by repairing, rebuilding and reselling them thereby re-entering the vehicles to the market place. The entire concept is based on reusing our automotive resources to give an economical advantage to car buyers. Adesa Dallas also operates on a very carefully planned sustainability efficient facility design for the reuses of natural resources of paint and water to avoid harmful chemicals from re-entering our atmosphere. The completed LEED design and construction administration project was given a gold certificate LEED rating which measures the success of Architura’s efforts to produce a beautiful LEED designed sustainable facility. In the planning stage 3-D Concept rendering was used to give the client a more visual look at the final product.


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