Lynn Williamson

Lynn Williamson ArchituraLynn was initially inspired by her strong and capable parents. Lynn continued in business as the accounting manager of a chain of nine retail stores and progressed to a position as grant accountant for the State of Indiana. Lynn received a personal letter of commendation from Connie Nass, the past Indiana State Auditor.

Lynn joined Architura at a time when staff changes were challenging and the needs of the Architura firm were many fold. Lynn assertively tackled the tasks of accounting manager, office administrator, receptionist and marketing assistant. She assists the project managers with budgets, financial analysis reports, meeting notes, and coordinates meetings with consultants and contractors. She is an integral part of Architura’s system of checks and balances that ensures our projects stay focused and on budget. Lynn is a very loyal member of the Architura team.




 Fun Fact:

“I think my mother was secretly superwoman. She could handle anything. I do my best to emulate her now.”


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