Jonas Gruber

Gruber.Jonas.01Jonas has 10 years of architectural design and project management experience. His analytical mind creates a precise and complete project from conceptual design through construction completion, while his creative side allows for functional yet aesthetic results. Jonas believes that teamwork and communication are necessary between client and design team to provide the best possible project. His cost estimating skills aid clients in early design development to ensure economic feasibility.

In his early school-age years, his best friend’s father was an architect.  Going over to his house, Jonas was able to see his father’s models and drawings, becoming fascinated and intrigued by the profession.  He knew that architecture was his calling from that early age.

Fun Fact:

“I am an audiophile and am in the process of designing and building a complex stereo system for my Scion xB. In conjunction with the stereo project, I am upgrading and redesigning the interior and exterior slowly.”







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